Peace through Unity

99 Days in Service to a Thriving World for All of Life

99 Days of Peace through Unity 
is a clarion call out to all individuals, groups, networks, platforms, initiatives and institutions dedicated to unity, peace and whole-system health to join forces to explore what we can achieve together when we focus our collective energy on a shared vision and purpose.
A Thriving World for All of Life 


The purpose of the platform is to offer the community a shared open space to self-organize over the 99 Days in service of Peace through Unity towards a Thriving World for All of Life. 

“As we come home together in community, 
at this time of immense challenge and opportunity, 
we might pose the questions:

What is our potential as we unite and come 

into coherence together to build a community expressing 
Peace through Unity, 
holding each other and all of Life in our hearts?

 What can happen when we collectively 

and intentionally place our vast potential, resources and creativity 
– in the spirit of cooperation and right relationship – 
for 99 days – in a shared experience of creating the world 
we want to live in together?” - Dot Maver

About World UNITY Week

World UNITY Week is an annual global event fostering the movement towards greater international cooperation for mutual benefit, interracial healing and harmony, ecological balance with Nature and the evolution of consciousness required to achieve these noble goals. Let us join together with hundreds of global partner organisations and leading change-makers to see what we can do together when we all lift as ONE.

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